The crazy little things...

I've been working on the third book to the Carus series. I've had a lot of fun writing the first two books and developing the world, especially paying attention to the little details, such as how emotions smell to supernaturals. I had to create an index for myself to make sure I kept all the details straight. What did anger smell like again? Oh right, burnt cinnamon.

Now that I'm two, almost three, books deep into my world, a lot of the little details have been taken care of--ironed out, but I'm not done with introducing crazy little things. One of the ongoing themes in my books is technology, and the inability for the older supes to adapt to the ever changing tide of new products available. Andy, my main character, is one such supe, but in book three, she learns how to give specific ringtones to her personal contacts. What fun!

What type of ringtone should Wick, Tristan, Lucien and Clint get? What about her best friend, Mel? Or any of the witches, who have a hankering for singing late 80s pop songs?

I guess you'll have to wait until the third book (working title: Debacle of Demons) to find out!

Okay, okay. Even I know that's a DB move. (DB = douche bag!)

So here's a clip of someone's ringtone:

Oh, ok, since you asked, here's another:

Which two characters do you think these ringtones belong to? You're welcome to guess, but I'm not telling.

Do you personalize your ringtones? How do you decide who gets what?


  1. Great post J.C..
    You gotta teach me how to load a ringtone. They are just too much fun. I can just imagine your witches using them.
    Great stuff.
    Jo-Ann Carson

    1. Thanks Jo-Ann! I might spend a bit too much time "researching" them, but they ARE a lot of fun. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I just want to know...who gets "I'm sexy and I know it"?

  3. LOL Charlotte! You nailed it! That ringtone is in there and I think you might be able to guess who :-)


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