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$500 for what?!? Get your ITIN the cheap way (DIY)

Legalities first: I am in no way a lawyer, and this is in no way legal advice and I should not and cannot be held accountable for the information I provide in this blog post. You are responsible for ensuring the information you submit on a government form is accurate and true.

Now, if you want to skip the beautifully written personal account of how and where I got this information, you can download the basic steps I followed here.

Now for the story.

As I'm going to be published by an American publisher, and I'm Canadian, I need to apply for an International Tax Identification Number, or an ITIN. To apply for an ITIN, I need to fill out a fairly straight forward one-page form and provide original proof of my citizenship and identity. My passport conveniently meets both of these requirements. I have four options for submitting my passport as proof.

Send it in the mail to Texas. (Not happening)Apply in person at an IRS Tax Payer Assistance Center and have them verify my docu…