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Weird Product Wednesday: Man Bun Clip

Nothing says sexy better than a man with long flowing hair...amirite?!?
Image: Game of Thrones, Meme: incorrectgotquotes
Well, the cumbersome nature of long hair doesn't exclusively target women, and men well endowed with tresses have resorted to the tried and true bun to manage their manes. 
The result?
The Man Bun
It's a real thing, and it's become a really, really popular thing.
Now, if you're a man with the ability to grow luxurious locks, this fashion trend is within your reach. But what about those poor men lacking the patience or genes to achieve the desired look?
Lucky for them, companies like Moreal and Man Bun (TM) have created products to meet this unique need.

The Man Bun Clip On
Image Source: The Original Clip On Man Bun (TM) by Man Bun (TM)
Image Source: Moreal
For anywhere from $7.99 USD to over $20, men (and woman) can procure the required accessory to achieve the appearance of long hair greatness.

Image Source: Amazon for The Original Clip On Man Bun (TM) b…

Author Interview: Marie Tuhart #BlogMondays #MondayBlogs

Today I have another fellow Rose from the Garden in for an interview! Please welcome Wild Rose Press contemporary erotica author,

Marie Tuhart.
JC: Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from, what are your interests, how did you start writing?

MT: I’m a West Coast gal. I was born and raised in San Francisco, moving to the Pacific Northwest (Washington State) 5 years ago.  I love to read and travel when I can, plus taking time and cuddling with my dog. I started writing because I liked the idea of being able to make up my own stories.

JC: I'm also a West Coast gal!! Love me my ocean. Tell us about your upcoming/latest/new book.

MT: My new release is Master Cole (see more below!!)

JC: Looks great!! Tell us about your book cover. Who did it? How did you or they come up with the concept?

MT: The cover designer is Designs by Diana. I basically go out and look at stock are that I’d like on the cover and it is sent to her. Diana sometimes reads my mind and she’s able to blend and add t…

Weird Product Wednesday: Ta Ta Towel

Say what?!?

The Ta-Ta Towel is exactly what it sounds like...a towel for your ta-tas! You know... your chest pillows, the girls, rack, jugs, knockers, bongos, double lattes, sweater stretchers, twin peaks, my personal favourite chesticles...or, simply put, your breasts.

Now that you know what they are, you're probably jumping to the next common question surrounding this product.

Founder and creator, Erin Robertson explains the inspiration behind her product:
I was living in Los Angeles and getting ready to go out on a first date. As I got out of the shower and started getting ready, I could not stop sweating — not because I was about to go on a first date, but because my tiny A/C unit was broken AND it was the beginning of summer. I had a lot working against me. I tried everything: I tucked wash cloths under my breasts, I tried dumping baby powder all over me, I even put a t-shirt on and tucked it under my boobs. But the wash cloths looked ridic…

Author Interview - Michal Scott #blogmondays #mondayblogs #authorinterview

Today I have fellow Wild Rose Press author for an interview. Please welcome Michal Scott!

JC: Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from, what are your interests, how did you start writing?

I'm a native New Yorker, Brooklyn bred. Now a recent transplant to New Mexico, I'm exploring all the nature and the Native American and Latino/a cultures around me. Until 2003 I'd been writing X-Files fan fiction. Then I heard a This American Life segment called What's Love Got To Do With It? about Romance Writers of America. Thanks to a challenge from my mother-in-law, I joined and have been writing seriously ever since.

JC: I also joined the RWA and credit the organization with helping me develop as an author. i'm no longer a member as my books are more fantasy with SRE, than romance, but I loved the RWA. Tell us about your upcoming/latest/new book.

One Breath Away takes place in a small African-American town in 1870's Texas and deals with the power of love in sexual h…

Weird Product Wednesday: Ball Wash #WeirdProductWednesday

Happy Valentine's Day
Struggling to think of a last minute gift for your significant other? Well, I have the product for you. While some men might take it offensively if you hand them soap specifically designed to clean their junk, I think it's a rather sweet and caring way to say, without saying, you care about their manhood.

(Picture from Ball Wash Official Facebook Page)
"Ball Wash is a Men's Natural Activated Charcoal wash for your nuts, butt and body. Treat your boys like the champions they are." (Ball Wash, 2018)

With slogans like:
"Goes on Black
Cleans your sack" and "Keep your junk jolly" (Christmas Campaign) and "Desk the halls with clean balls" (Christmas Campaign) and (Picture from Ball Wash Official Facebook Page)
I want to buy the product for the sheer marketing genius, and I don't even have balls!

Where on earth did they come up with the concept? From The Official Ball Wash Facebook Page:
As with all good ideas, this…

Bete Noir, by Doomsday Carson

Announcing my mother and fellow author Jo-Ann Carson's alter ego...her much darker alter ego...Doomsday Carson. Take a look!

It only takes one bite

Scientist Lexi Jones struggles to find an antidote to a mosquito born virus killing people all around the world.


Where Do You Get the REAL You Put Into Your Characters? Guest Blogger: Sandra Tilley

A question readers often ask me is "Are your characters based on real people?"  My answer: yes and no.
Of course I take personalities, physical features, mental qualities, etc., from people I know, but I also rely on the ideas in my head. I don't choose a person to be a character in my book; a character chooses me. Then I get to sort through my options and decide who suffers from low self-esteem or who can toss a football fifty yards or who gets to be the skinny, hot chick.
I never thought about anyone confusing my characters with real people–until recently. While scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook, like I do about a hundred times a day, I saw a notice about my high school reunion. Over the years I've connected with some high school friends via social media with no mention of a reunion. Until now.
In my debut novel, The Ghost and Mrs. Miller, Libby Miller joins the committee to plan her twentieth high school reunion. On the committee are her dead husband Neil Mil…


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Weird Product Wednesday: The Male Romper #WeirdProductWednesday

It's almost been a year since the male romper hit the fashion scene and divided people across the nation.

A little behind on this fashion trend?

Yes, for the fair price of $99 US dollars, you, too, could outfit your man in a classy, floral romper


Back in June, 2017, you could pledge $5 USD or more to the "the Original RompHim" and be a "RompHero" (ACED Design, 2017)

"Want to support the fashion revolution (from a distance)? You can join the #rompsquad and receive updates as we bring our apparel to the world." (ACED Design, 2017)

So now that it's been almost one year since the ACED Design Kickstarter campaign, and you may have even seen one of these bro romper wearing unicorns strutting down the beach, what do you think?

Hate them, or love them?

Rancor Bass...How did he get that name? Guest Blogger: M.S. Spencer #BlogMondays #MondayBlogs #GuestAuthor

Thank you so much for having Rancor, Charity, and me at your lovely site, J. C.! Today I’d like to talk about Rancor Bass, scion of the Bass family of Maine.

Midcoast Maine is the setting for several of my books, including the Penhallow Train Incident. The Pit and the Passion: Murder at the Ghost Hotel, my new cozy mystery romance, is set on the Gulf Coast of Florida. But the hero--Rancor Bass—comes from Camden, Maine. Here he explains some of his family history to Charity, our heroine. “The Basses go way back. The first Michael Bass settled in York in 1623, and several Basses fought in the French and Indian war. They were paid in pelts. One Ferdinand Bass opened a clothing store specializing in furs in 1746, and the family has lived there ever since.” “Are you still in furs?” “Oh no. By the turn of the century—that’s the eighteenth century—several ancestors had branched out into the hospitality industry. We kept taverns along the post road in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island…