Weird Product Wednesday: Man Bun Clip

Nothing says sexy better than a man with long flowing hair...amirite?!?

Image: Game of Thrones, Meme: incorrectgotquotes

Well, the cumbersome nature of long hair doesn't exclusively target women, and men well endowed with tresses have resorted to the tried and true bun to manage their manes. 

The result?

The Man Bun

It's a real thing, and it's become a really, really popular thing.

Now, if you're a man with the ability to grow luxurious locks, this fashion trend is within your reach. But what about those poor men lacking the patience or genes to achieve the desired look?

Lucky for them, companies like Moreal and Man Bun (TM) have created products to meet this unique need.

The Man Bun Clip On

Image Source: The Original Clip On Man Bun (TM) by Man Bun (TM)

Image Source: Moreal

For anywhere from $7.99 USD to over $20, men (and woman) can procure the required accessory to achieve the appearance of long hair greatness.

Image Source: Amazon for The Original Clip On Man Bun (TM) by Man Bun (TM)

And then there's the reviews....

What do you think? Would you go for it? Would you get it for your man? For real? Or as a gag gift?


  1. Okay, that's hilarious. Not a chance, but hilarious.

  2. I'm with Jennifer. Nope. But I do love John Snow in his man bun!

    1. Me too. But I love Jon Snow with his curls free! Free the curls!!!

  3. I've seen several younger guys with man buns--now I have to wonder if they're all real :)

  4. And now I'll be wondering every time I see a man with a bun whether it's real or not! Fun post!


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