Weird Product Wednesday: The Male Romper #WeirdProductWednesday

It's almost been a year since the male romper hit the fashion scene and divided people across the nation.

A little behind on this fashion trend?

Yes, for the fair price of $99 US dollars, you, too, could outfit your man in a classy, floral romper


Back in June, 2017, you could pledge $5 USD or more to the "the Original RompHim" and be a "RompHero" (ACED Design, 2017)

"Want to support the fashion revolution (from a distance)? You can join the #rompsquad and receive updates as we bring our apparel to the world." (ACED Design, 2017)

So now that it's been almost one year since the ACED Design Kickstarter campaign, and you may have even seen one of these bro romper wearing unicorns strutting down the beach, what do you think?

Hate them, or love them?


  1. Hate very much. I don't really like rompers on women either. But then, I like a man in Wrangler jeans and cowboy boots.

    1. I actually love rompers, but they don't suit my body type. I have too long a body, apparently...and that never looks good in a too-short romper!

  2. My first thought was, is this an April fools' joke? I've never seen any man wearing a romper. And I hope I never do! [Maybe if they had a different name for it?] Thanks for an interesting post. :-)

    1. I haven't seen anyone wearing one in real life, either. I thought maybe it was an American thing?!?

    2. I could go with that assumption — maybe they're wearing them in Hawaii or Florida or somewhere else that's hot. Or how about further south, Brazil or Argentina etc. or the Bahamas, Bermuda, etc. It's simply too cold in Canada. LOL

  3. The problem with rompers is the bathroom. I can't imagine anyone wearing one without having a gun held to their head. LOL


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