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Hi, I’m Kayden Claremont and I write paranormal erotic romance.  I’ve been asked why I write paranormal romance and the answer is a long one. I’m a science nerd. I wasn’t especially good at science in school, but I find it interesting.

Most of my books feature a Nephilim, a being that is half angel and half human. They are in the bible, but were supposed to be destroyed by the big flood. But—here’s the writing brain kicking in—what if some survived? The premise of my stories are Nephilim are here helping us and they fall in love with the human they are trying to protect.

Why did I say trying to protect? I write kick-ass heroines who don’t need protecting.
My latest release, Heaven’s Watcher has these types of characters and is set in Las Vegas.

Leather-wearing, motorcycle riding PI Heaven Vaughan is working undercover in a Las Vegas casino for the DA. She must find the evidence to convict the casino boss of ordering her brother killed, but the tall, dark, sex-on-a-stick head of security is constantly watching her. Just knowing he’s got his monitors focused on her makes her hot, and she can’t help but make sure he has something as equally arousing to look at.

Straight-arrow Darius Turner has one job—to safeguard the people in the casino. The feisty redhead dominating his viewing pleasure is playing havoc with his duties and with his libido. All he wants is to take her up on her teasing invitations, but he can’t let her get too close. If Heaven discovers his true identity, there’ll be hell to pay.

Some fun facts.

I used to play tennis, and I’m pretty sure I know why a tennis ball is fuzzy Most people think it’s to make them look cute. But the real reason is it absorbs water. That way if there is a bit of moisture on the courts, the players can forget exercising and go have coffee and a good laugh.

When I’m driving alone in the car, if you drive passed me you would think I’m singing along with the song on the radio, but I’m having a meaning discussion with the characters I’m writing about. What they like, what they are mad about and what fears they are unwilling to reveal to me and the other characters. Sometimes we make great progress, sometimes we don’t.

Since I hate crowds, when the Professor and I decided to go to Las Vegas for a vacation, we didn’t do the usual hotels. Instead we went out to Lake Las Vegas. The scenery was beautiful, we had the hotel to ourselves and when we drove back into the city, we loved the way the strip looked against the mountains behind it. I tried to capture this in my story Heaven’s Watcher. I hope you like the way the Vegas strip looks to the characters.

My latest release, Heaven’s Watcher has these types of characters and is set in Las Vegas.

Here's an excerpt:

     Heaven paused at the office while he opened the door and walked into his lair. Behind the desk,
monitors filled the wall.
     For a second, she stopped. Every part of the casino and hotel were displayed. She pointed at the wall. “You watch all of these? At once?”
     Darius chuckled as he passed her. “I have a team who views them.” The corner of his lips turned up. “I check up on things from time to time.”
     He lugged out the chair in front of the desk. “Please.”
     Heaven sat down. “So, you enjoy watching?” As soon as the words were out of her mouth, she
heard the innuendo.
     His eyebrow rose as devilment danced in his eyes. “You could say that.”
     “I didn’t mean…” Heat crossed her cheeks. How unprofessional to blush. She’d never been the teenager with a crush on the quarterback.
     She was a professional private investigator. “So why did you bring me here?”
     He sat down behind the solid, mahogany desk. “To talk.”
     Her whole essence quivered. With arousal or fear? She cleared her throat. “About?”
     He placed his fingers in front of his mouth as if hiding the truth. “I’m concerned about what just happened to you.” His thumb twitched. “Does it happen often?”
     Heaven held back a gasp as relief rushed through her. He didn’t know about her job with the DA to gather evidence against the boss. “Yes.”
     Darius grimaced. “I see.”
     “We’ve established that.” She pointed toward the bank of monitors behind him.

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  1. I do the same thing--except I talk to my characters while walking the dog. Sometimes, if people are around, I put my phone to my ear so I don't look quite as strange. :)

    1. I talk to my characters all the time, too! Totally freaked my husband out the first time he heard me yapping away in the shower 😂

  2. You made me smile. We writers do some really weird things to make our characters amazing. :)
    I like Jennifer's phone trick, too.
    Good luck with your new release, and best wishes for lots of sales!

    1. Me too! When I'm at a stoplight in my car I often talk to my dashboard as if I have the speaker phone on. Lol!

  3. I enjoyed reading your Blog and learning more about your quirks. I think most writers have our moments. Thanks for sharing. I like the premise of your book...half angel-half human...intriguing.

    1. I enjoyed the blog, too. Thanks for visiting! 😊

  4. Love the premise of your book! Best of luck, Kayden.

  5. Kayden, awesome blog! I knew you had a lot of quirks, could tell from your Facebook posts! LOL The Nephilim from the Bible, how fascinating! Who would have thought of such a thing, only you, Kayden, only you!!! Your excerpt was great, too. And I know you can write steamy--I've read your steamy and it is hot and heavy! Wishing you bunches of sales and lots of success!

  6. I agree, your premise is awesome. I love your cover too.
    I laughed out loud when you mentioned talking to your characters in your car. You're so real.
    I wish you many sales,

  7. Love the blurb for your story and added it to my reading list!

  8. Great blurb and premise for the story! Added it to my TBR list. Best of luck with Heaven's Watcher!


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