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I feel pretty!

To say Kristy from Blush Wedding Photography "did" my head-shots, would be a gross understatement. She created them with an artistic flare that still leaves me feeling quite pretty. Yes, the pictures are me, but through her many lenses, she saw the BEST of me and brought it forward. She's one talented photographer. I struggled to narrow my selection down, but here are my favorites. I'm still flip-flopping with which ones to use for social media, my website, and my books. Maybe you can help. Which ones do you like? For more information on Kristy and Blush Wedding Photography: Website: Facebook: Twitter:  @blushwedphotos

Velvet Covered Steel? (Pet Peeve #3)

Just call it a penis! I have to start this post off with a disclaimer: I grew up in a small coastal community, am a biologist and have worked on fishing vessels as a government representative. I've heard every name in the book for male and female genitalia and am fairly desensitized to the wide variety of labels, including the more crass and less savory ones. But unless you plan to lick it off, why sugar coat it? A penis is a penis, after all! Maybe it's the biologist in me, but when I'm reading a sex scene, I find it amusing when the writer has seemingly gone out of the way to avoid the dreaded P and V words, or even the commonly used slang terms. Second disclaimer: These aren't so much as pet peeves, as they are points of hilarity for me. The top two labels for male and female genitalia respectively that throw me into fits of giggles are: 1. Velvet Covered Steel 2. Inner Goddess As a writer, I can appreciate how difficult writing a sex scene is, and how yo

Jackhammering the Hymen (Pet Peeve #2)

I like Young Adult Novels. They teleport me back to an age of innocence and possibilities. Along with TV cop shows, singing along to Miley and Brittney in the car, and eating chocolate, reading YA is one of my not-so-secret guilty pleasures. My pet peeve with YA's is the inevitable scene where the culmination of teenaged angst and playing hard to get results in the main character swooning into the arms of the handsome bad-boy love interest and losing her virginity to him. Now let's be honest, these books are fiction. They're not realistic in many ways, including the intuitive nature of seventeen year old boys, but the area I find them most unrealistic is in the bedroom. The deeply knowledgeable and skilled love interest will ruthlessly demolish the innocence of the main character...and she'll LOVE it. Some, the sensitive and considerate boys, will briefly pause and ask if she's okay, but the scene will predictably result in him jackhammering his way to the