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Interview with Karilyn Bentley, Author of Demon Lore

I'm SUPER DUPER excited to have Karilyn Bentley as a guest today on my blog. I recently DEVOURED the first book in her series - Demon Lore. (To read my review on Amazon, go here ). I can't wait for everyone else to read and enjoy it! The heroine was a perfect mix of sassy and flawed. JC: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?  KB: I have a husband, two dogs, a handful of nieces and nephews and a salt water reef tank. Actually the reef tank is the Hubster's but I like to look it so that counts, right? I love Harry Potter and would give anything for a working wand that cleans the house with a wave. JC: What do you do when you are not writing?  KB: Reading or playing with our puppy JC: Oh, those cute puppies. Their little faces make you forgive them of the worst atrocities--namely destruction of shoes and cute jackets. Do you have a day job as well?  KB: Yes! I'm a clinical research coordinator at an oncology clinic (in layman's terms

Beast Coast: A Carus Novel, Book 2

On Saturday, I revealed my fancy self-made book trailer and release date for Beast Coast on four wonderful blogs. In case you missed the announcement, here it is: That's right! In less than a month, the second book of the Carus series will be available in electronic and print formats from online retailers World Wide!! I'm thrilled to share this book and hope you enjoy it.

The blurb rip!

I loved everyone's comments, critiques and feedback for my blurb last week, that I decided to throw up my next blurb for the firing squad. I think this one is *a bit* better, but I'm not liking how I've ended the first two paragraphs. As with all TWRP blurbs, this has to stay under 150 words. Here it is (146 words; 150 is the max) After her beloved Aunt Jenny goes missing, Willa travels to Lobster Cove to run her aunt’s bookstore. On a stormy night, a mysterious man visits the Shucker’s Booktique. He’s drenched in rain and covered with mud, but nothing’s more powerful than the impact of his storm gray eyes on her heart.  But Lon could be responsible for her aunt’s disappearance. Lon Devlin is a Tempest, a water sprite who can only take on a human form during stormy nights. He rides the waves, lives by the tides, and nothing can hold him down. When he goes to visit one of his dearest friends, he discovers she’s missing and her gorgeous niece has taken her place. But

Need Advice!

One of the consistent criticisms I've received for Shift Happens, my debut novel, is its lack-luster blurb. I don't want to repeat the same mistake twice. Below is my draft blurb for the second book of the series, Beast Coast.  It has to stay under 150 words. It's currently 144 words. Ultimately, the decision and blurb rests in the hands of my publisher, but I'd like to be happy with what I submit. What do you think? Suggestions? Would you buy the book (assuming UF/PNR is your thing)? Note: This is an adapting post, so please read through the changes, as some have been made since the original post. ********************************************************************** Original Blurb: In a city known for its diversity, unique cityscape, and picturesque views of snow-capped mountains and deep blue seas, Agent Andy McNeilly uses her unique ability to shift into multiple shapes to keep a leash on All-Things-Weird for the Supernatural Regulatory Division. But hidden


The latest review of my debut novel, Shift Happens, and I'm offering a giveaway! PRUF Reads: GUEST REVIEW BY AUTHOR MELISSA SNARK-SHIFT HAPPENS... :   HER PAST DESTROYED HER HEART, CAN SHE PUT IT BACK TOGETHER IN TIME?       Andrea McNelly's job as a government ag...\ a Rafflecopter giveaway

Scent Guide to the Carus World

I have a confession to make. I've been procrastinating. Between edits for two contracted pieces, self-editing a pre-submission third piece, writing blog posts and guest blog posts, critiquing other work for my critique partners, dawdling on social media and botching attempts at promotion, I've been playing around with word and making my beloved scent guide pretty. Now I'd like to share! Scent Guide 2014 The scent guide is also available off my website and the side bar on the right of this blog. Enjoy! SCENT GUIDE (

My top ten books

Having recently moved, I had to weed out my books and downsize my collection from twenty-two banker boxes to a mere ten, giving away more than half of my beloved collection. I've always dreamed of owning a house one day where I could have my own "study": a room with shelves upon shelves full of books. So this endeavor was incredibly difficult for me. When Inion N Mathair (a mother-daughter writing team--how cool is that?!?) blogged about their top ten books (read their blog  here ) a couple of months ago, I took notice. They narrowed their favorite books down to 10 in total, which meant picking only five each. I applauded them. I really did. I would cry if I had to cut it down to five. So I'm not going to. I'm going to pick my top 10 books of all time and tell you why they made the cut! p.s. I'm totally being cheeky, because some of these are "chronicles" where more than one book in a series have been published together. 1. The Chronicles of

NYT Bestselling Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff!

This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions . The author will give away one of four autographed paperbacks to four winners randomly chosen through Rafflecopter. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour. “I am the man who can find anything or anyone. For a price. And my price is you.” When Mia Turner’s brother goes missing while on an archaeological dig, she believes that life couldn’t get much worse. But when she’s blocked at every turn by both local and U.S. authorities from finding answers, she must turn to a man she swears is the devil. Others might be fooled by his private jet, fine tailored suits, and disarming smile, but Mia knows something dark, something sinister lurks behind those penetrating, pale gray eyes. And the more she learns, the more she realizes she may never be free again. Better the devil you don’t know? When Mia Turner’s life becomes tethered to a mysterious billionaire who she swears is

Special Spotlight - Rebekah Ganiere

 RED THE WERE HUNTER What if you were the key to an ancient prophecy that would begin to heal your lands, but fulfilling your destiny meant you had to turn your back on everything you'd been taught to believe in? Redlynn of Volkzene, member of the Sisterhood of Red, is heartbroken to discover another  girl kidnapped and her best friend slain by werewolves. Defying the head of her order, she sets out to kill the beast she believes responsible.  The King of the Weres-- But there are worse things in Wolvenglen Forest than the wolves. Adrian, reluctant heir to the throne of Wolvenglen, and his band of wolf brothers are bound to protect the humans; especially the Sisterhood. Finding Redlynn unconscious in his woods, awakens in him a passion he's never before experienced and a protective instinct that has him ready to turn on his own men. Problem is, a female is the last thing Adrian needs complicating his life.   But all is not as it seems in Wolvenglen Forest an

Quiz: Which character from the Carus Series is your ideal man?

Don't know who these men are? But want to?  The first book of the Carus Series, Shift Happens,  is available on Amazon now!

Love's Sorrow

Happy Book Birthday to Love's Sorrow! Today marks the kick-off of Love's Sorrow blog tour AND part one of ...  a sneak peak at the entire first chapter! Follow along during the tour for parts two through ten, and be sure to check out the rafflecopter below for some Love's Sorrow goodies! Love's Sorrow Means of Mercy #1 Historical Romance by Terri Rochenski Release Date: April 21, 2014 Publisher: Roane Publishing Hired as a nanny for her cousin’s children, Anne Tearle finds security and a loving family. The children are a dream, but London society is a world of its own, one where a displaced farm girl has no business being. But, wealthy rake, Gavin MacKay, helps her to see associating with the upper class might not be as horrid as she first assumed. Like all things worthwhile, love comes at a price, and the cost soon bestows more anguish than joy. Lost, but not undone, Anne must find the courage to begin life

Guest Author - Liz Flaherty

JC: First of all, I'd like to thank Liz for appearing on my blog today. I've put the three challenge questions to her and she's answered them brilliantly. Also, Liz is sharing her first women's fiction title, THE GIRLS OF TONSIL LAKE! LF: Thank you so much for having me, J. C. I really had to think about these questions! JC: You bet! I love hosting authors from different genres! everyone has a different angle on things. Speaking of which, if you could be any animal, other than a human, what would it be and why? LF: I’m so boring, but the truth is I’d be a cat. Not a dramatically beautiful or pedigreed cat, just a house cat the kids dragged home who sheds on the furniture, sleeps for hours on the rocking chair, and is there for comfort when you’re down. JC: There's something beautiful in the simplicity of cat life. I often look at my dog (who's asleep on my feet and snoring right now) and think, "what a life!" Next question: If you had to run