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Love Supernaturally, by Charlotte Copper

Book Specs: Title: Love Supernaturally Theme(s): New Adult SubGenre(s): Contemporary, Paranormal Rating: Spicy (PG13) Keywords: romance, supernatural, witch, angel, Page Count: 70 Digital Price: 1.99 Release Date: 2016-05-18 Blurb: Cassandra Wilson, angel and first-year nurse, spends her days helping other people. Day after day. Life after life. While her best friend feels the young nurse needs a little love in her life, Cassie avoids serious relationships. She saw what her mother went through, and unless Cassie can find another angel to spend her life with, love and a family are not in her future. An innocent night out with Fraser, a university junior and varsity hockey player, leads to something more serious and Cassie begins to experience feelings she’s been trying to avoid. But the sudden discovery—by both herself and Fraser—that Fraser is a witch, combined with his need to please everyone around him, poses a challenge to the couple’s happily ever after. Exc

Blogging and Pictures #MondayBlogs

Have you read about Living For Naptime blogger Chrystie's recent post titled, "Blogging Mistakes to Avoid"? If you haven't, it's here In a nutshell, Chrystie normally uses her own pictures on her blog, but she ended up turning to Google a couple of times. For this particular incident, she went to Google to find a picture of a green pepper. That picture was copyrighted and the photographer sent her a C&D order via his/her attorney. After Chrystie diligently took it down, she was then slapped with a $7200 fine for damages. I'm also guilty of going to Google for the occasional photo, or more specifically an animated gifs--because they crack me up and make my posts pop. I naively, and wrongly, assumed, if I accidentally used a copyrighted photo, a C&D would be the end result, as I'm not using the photo/gif for promotion or making money off it. Well, I'm wrong! Normally I set my google search for royalty free pictures, but am not confident I