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Charlotte Copper and Strawberry Summer

I'm super excited to have fellow TWRP author and one of my super fab critique partners as my guest today. Charlotte Copper is here to introduce us to her latest release - Strawberry Summer. Check out the awesome cover quote (okay, okay, super biased) What could be better than working the dunk tank on a hot summer day with your best friend? How about catching the eye of the cute new boy? Olivia is volunteering at this year’s Strawberry Festival when she meets tall, buff and curly, Aidan.  If the two are to stand a chance, they must look past their scars and overcome a few misunderstandings. JC: Charlotte, thank you very much for being my guest again here on the Carus Chronicles. CC:  Hey JC, thanks for having me back.  I’m super excited to be here today for the release of my Young Adult romance, STRAWBERRY SUMMER. JC: Where did you find your idea for Strawberry Summer from? CC: Although the characters are fictional, the setting for the story is real. Each y